Hayfork, not the biggest, just the Best

Hayfork offers the best in country living,  you can step out of your home and within just a few minutes you can enjoy the following,  fishing, hunting, hiking, horseback riding,  shopping, wild animals, school activities, swimming pool, picking wild apples, grapes and blackberry when in season. Or you can just drive around on our country roads.  Hayfork in located in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest,  so in just minutes you can visit year around streams,  see for miles from US Forest Lookouts tower into the Hayfork Valley and more.  This is a great place for taking pictures of wildlife, you just have to be a little patience, it also has wild flowers too. We have all the basic services a family needs.  We don't have any chain stores in Hayfork and most of us like it that way, there are big chain stores in the bigger towns west and east of Hayfork, that offer the big chains stores.

Except the people who were born here, most of us moved here to get away from the big city living lifestyle, noise, smoggy air, or too many people.  We like our country living, most of us who moved here, liked what we saw the first time and we would like to keep it that way. So if you like county living, come to Hayfork and see what we have to offer if you like it you might want to live here with the rest of us who call Hayfork home if not, you can leave, for we don't want you to be unhappy with our way of living.